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Mark has created an online learning application that supports the preschool, elementary and junior high school curriculum at MES. This program is available for students to use at home or on the go. Students can review and practice, vocabulary, reading, spelling, listening, grammar and even speaking. The program has different levels so that preschoolers to adults can practice, learn and challenge themselves as they study English at Mark's English School. The program is free for students and below, you can see a full version for unit 1.

Sample: Unit 1

As with anything, practice is important. There is very little chance to use English in this area and so input and practice are not supported in every day life here. By using this application English learning, input and practice can increase from once a week to 2-3 times a week or more. Students can practice, improve and earn badges to collect in their files. The badges give them a tangible item to show their progress and effort.

Learning takes time, motivation, effort and practice. With this MES application, students can study in a fun and effective way!